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LiFePO4 Battery Series

LiFePO4 Battery Series

Cylindrical LiFePO4 Li-ion Series

Small,light weight and high energy density, only 1/3 of lead acid battery weight and 70% of NIMH battery weight,flexible combination. This series cover normal type and power type. Normal type are widely used in consumer electronics and devices, Flashlights, lighting, e-cigarettes, laptop, etc; High power types are used for electrical vehicles, accumulation of solar/wind energy, backup power, power tools and so on.

Prismatic LiFePO4 Series

Light weight, large capacity,high energy density, flexible specification,flexible combination and etc. Widely used in electrical bicycle, electrical motorcycle, electrical vehicle, HEV, back-up power, portable DVD and so on.

LiFePO4 Li-Polymer Series


Light weight, thin thickness, flexible shape design, easy to customize, high safety. Widely used in electrical bicycle, electrical motorcycle, portable DVD, high power starting battery.


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