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Universal battery cell monitor for 3-16S(3 cells to 16 cells) Li-Polymer battery packs

Universal battery cell monitor for 3-16S(3 cells to 16 cells) Li-Polymer battery packs


  • Model:BCM16ELP
  • Battery range: 3S-16S Li-Polymer battery packs
  • Over discharge warning voltage: 2.80~4.20V per cell, step 0.05V, default 3.00V
  • Over charge warning voltage: 3.90~4.30V per cell, step 0.05V, default 4.25V
  • Over cell voltage difference warning voltage:0.010~0.500V per cell, step 0.005V, default 0.050V
  • Over temperature warning: 30~80鈩 step 1鈩,default 50鈩
  • Under battery gauge (SOC) warning: 5~90% step 1%, default 30%
  • Delay time when start to warnning:2S
  • Warning time:20S per period
  • Accurate scope of the cell voltage: -5mV/+5mV
  • Cell Voltage display range: 0.50~4.99V, NO display when under 0.50V
  • Temperature display range:0.0鈩儈99.9鈩,
    • Display 0.0 when under 0.0鈩
    • Display 99.9 when over 100鈩
  • SOC indicator:
    • RED area @ 0~15% of SOC
    • YELLOW area @ 16~35% of SOC
    • GREEN area @ 36~100% of SOC
  • Pins distance: 2.54mm
  • Size:70*65*11 ( L*W*T, mm)
  • Weight: 30g
  • Warning LED: 11000mCd, @ 2.0V, 20mA
  • Warning beeper: 85dB @ 12V, 25mA
  • Package: transparent heat shrink tube or Customized AL alloy case



  • BCM16ELP can indicate battery SOC or called battery gauge similar with car dashboard. Cell count, battery pack voltage and battery gauge (%) is displayed simultaneously.
  • BCM16ELP will record the lowest voltage of each cell during discharge, after you stop driving your bike, scooter etc., you can press UP or DOWN button to display these voltages (cell number background color is green, and the lowest cell voltage displayed in RED text), press the button again display real voltage.
  • Add an alarm port to drive relay etc.
  • Beeper sound and LED flash alarm alternately while any cell over charged or over discharged or out of the setup range including temperature SOC, difference of cell voltage.
  • Two temperature sensors monitor battery temperature during charge or discharge.
  • At any time, you can press SET button shortly turn off the display and press again resume.
  • While alarming, press SET button shortly turn off alarm.


 Please click here to download the specification.