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Size D 4000mAh high temperature rechargeable nicd battery

Size D 4000mAh high temperature rechargeable nicd battery

  • Model : D-D4000mAh High temperature
  • Voltage(V): 1.2
  • Capacity(mAh) : 4000
  • Size: D
  • Diameter(mm): 33
  • Height(mm):61.5
  • Weight(g):135

  • Super high capacity
  • Safety
  • Small order is accepted
  • Lowest self resistance 
  • No memory effect, low self-discharge rate.
  • Good storage characteristic and good high temperature performance.
  • Various sizes and capacity is available, strong applicability, we can also do all kinds of combinations according to the customer's demand 

  • communication equipment,  cordless telephone,  mobile phone,  his radio
  • Portable Devices: GPS,  PDA,  E-book,  PMP,  PSP
  • lamps and lanterns: emergency light,  solar lights,  the searchlight, flashlight
  • electronic toys: remote control car,  remote control ship,  plane model aircraft
  • electric tools: electric drill,  planer,  jaws,  and saws,  electricity group
  • other:electric razor,  massage device,  electric toothbrush,  portable terminal equipment


High temperature NiCd battery is different from general NiCd cell, it dopes with special chemicals and features with

  • Outstanding charge/discharge characteristics at both room temperature and high temperature up to 70oC (158oF),
  • Long service life and reliability with 10 years shelf life
  • Superior overcharge resistance under 1/16C charging rate

High temperature NiCd Battery mainly is used for emergency lights and special power device at 50oC - 70oC (122oF - 158oF) environment. 


E&J Technology Group Co ltd is a manufacture that specialize reaching, developing and manufacturing NI-CD high temperature battery, we have more than ten years history. E&J high temperature battery can be used in a large range of temperature, long life characteristics in high temperature condition, excellent comprehensive performance. We have a good reputation in the emergency lighting industry.

A wide range of temperature adaptation(-5~70°C)

Under the condition of high temperature, E&J high temperature battery active material can still be fully utilized. Thus in a fully charged state so that the storage time of the battery can be maximized. Under 55 condition, the battery can be charged by two different charge methods, such as using 0.05C charge 24 hours and 0.1C charge 16 hours. The capacity can achieve more than 90% and the battery can be widely used in emergency lighting.

 Excellent lifetime at high temperature

E&J optimize high temperature battery pole piece and diaphragm material, to make sure under the high temperature, the battery still have good performance at long charging conditions. E&J NI-CD high temperature battery can still keep more than 75% capacity after 4 years under -5-55 degree temperature, NI-MH high temperature battery can still keep more than 75% capacity after 4 years under -5-50 degree temperature. E&J high temperature battery can meet ICEL1010EN60598-2-22 and IEC61951 different standards.