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Ni-MH Battery Series

Ni-MH Battery Series


General Type Batteries


E&J NI-MH battery cover cylindrical, prismatic, button-type and 9V. They are used to power electric and hybrid vechicles, and you can get this same amazing power for your household electronics. NiMH batteries usually have 2-3 times the capacity of an equivalent sized nickel-cadmium battery, and can be recharged and reused hundreds or even thousands of times, saving you money! 



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Ready To Use Batteries


Compared with standard Ni-MH batteries, Ready-To-Use batteries has many advantages such as lower self-discharge, longer storage time, longer cycle life etc., especially the better capacity recovery performance when the voltage is below 0.8V. The charge retention is still maintained at 85% after one year storage. 



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High / Low Temperature Batteries


1) High Temperature Batteries

This series adapts special techniques and materials to ensure the excellent charge and discharge performance in the high-temperature environment. We ensure that the type of batteries have the features of the high charge efficiency trickle charge condition under high temperature, as well as prolonged cycle life and safety. They are widely used in all types of electrical devices in high-temperature environment.


2) Low Temperature Batteries

E&J Low temperature batteries have been greatly improved the design on several aspects including positive & negative plates, electrolyte and separator, as a result, they deliver very high discharge capacity at temperature range of -20℃ to -40℃. This series  Widely used in IC telephone, Interphone, anti-cold devices, military facilities, aircraft in cold areas, and so on.



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High drain batteries


This series of products can be designed according to customer requirements, with sufficient power, low heating, high safety performance, long service life, high discharge voltage characteristics. The batteries are mainly used in electric bikes, electric tools, electric toys, vacuum cleaners and sweeping machines, etc.



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