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Ⅴ.6.4V LiFePO4 Battery Pack

E&J 6.4V 500mAh IFR14500(AA) 3.2Wh LiFePo4 Rechargeable Battery Pack For Electric drill

Specification: Model: IFR14500 6.4V 500mAh  Voltage(V):6.4 Capacity(mAh):500 Type:LiFePO4 battery  Standard Charge Current(C): 0.5 ...

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E&J 6.4V 6.6Ah IFR26650 LiFePo4 Rechargeable Battery Pack With Wire For Solar Energy

Specification: Model: IFR26650 6.4V 6.6Ah  Voltage(V):6.4 Capacity(Ah):6.6 Type:LiFePO4 battery  Standard Charge Current(C): 0.2 ...

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High temperature LiFePO4 battery pack 5Ah 6.4V for solar lights

Specifications: Model:EJ7059156Fe 6.4V 5Ah Capacity (mAh): 5000 Voltage (V): 6.4 Type:LiFePO4 battery (high temperature) Impedance(mΩ):100 ...

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LiFePO4 AA IFR14505(IFR14500) Battery Pack: 6.4V 600 mah (3.84Wh, 0.7A rate ) with PCB & Polyswitch (0.36)

Specification: Model: LiFePO4 6.4V 0.6Ah Voltage(V):6.4 Capacity(Ah):0.6 Type:LiFePO4 battery  Charging Cut-off Voltage(V): 5.0 Peak...

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LiFePO4 Li-ion IFR18500 Battery Pack: 6.4V 800 mah (5.12Wh, 4.2A discharge current ) with PCB & Polyswitch

Specification:  Model: LiFePO4 6.4V 800mAh  Voltage (V): 6.4  Capacity (mAh): 800  Type: LiFePO4 battery  Charging...

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Prismatic Polymer LiFePO4 Battery Pack EJ87122200Fe-15Ah 2cells in series: 6.4V 15Ah (96Wh, 7A discharge) with build in BMS

Specification: Model: LiFePO4 6.4V 15Ah  Voltage(V):6.4 Capacity(Ah):15 Type:LiFePO4 battery  Charging Cut-off Voltage(V): 4.8 Peak...

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