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鈪.Ni-Mh Battery Packs

High Capacity Size D4000mAh/6V Rechargeable Nimh Battery pack

Specification: Model :  NiMh 6V D 4000mAh Voltage(V):6 Capacity(mAh) :4000 Size: D     Features: Powerful 6V...

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High Quality NiMH rechargeable battery pack AA 2000mAh/9.6v

Specification: Model :  NiMh 9.6V AA 2000mAh Voltage(V): 9.6 Capacity(mAh) : 2000 Size: AA Weight(g)160     ...

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NiMH 12V D9000mAh normal type with NTC/Fuse holder/Wire/Connector

  Specification: Model :  NiMh 12V D 9000mAh Voltage(V):12 Capacity(mAh) : 9000 Size: D Weight(g)1700     ...

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OEM /ODM Plug wire Rechargeable nimh batteries pack A 2700mAh 6v

Specification: Model :  NiMh 6V  A 2700mAh Voltage(V):6 Capacity(mAh) : 2700 Size: A     Features: Lowest...

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OEM /ODM Plug wire Rechargeable nimh batteries pack AA1800mAh 7.2v

Specification:  Model :  NiMh 7.2V AA1800mAh Voltage(V): 7.2 Capacity(mAh) : 1800 Size: AA Weight(g)175     ...

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Plug wire nimh Rechargeable battery packs 5/4AAAA 500mAh 7.2v

Specification:  Model :  NiMh  7.2V 5/4AAAA 500mAh Voltage(V):7.2 Capacity(mAh) : 500 Size: 5/4AAAA     ...

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Price competition rechargeable nimh battery pack AA 2200mAh/6v

Specification: Model :  NiMh 6V AA 2200mAh Voltage(V):6 Capacity(mAh) :2200 Size: AA Weight 锛 g 锛 : 180     ...

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SC 3200mAh/2.4v Rechargeable Nimh Battery Pack

  Specification:   Model :  NiMh 2.4V SC3200mAh Voltage(V):2.4 Capacity(mAh) :3200 Size: SC     Features: ...

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SC2000mAh 12V Rechargeable NiMH Battery packs

Specification: Model :  NiMh 12V SC2000mAh Voltage(V):12 Capacity(mAh) :2000 Size: SC     Features: Green PVC...

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